Testimonials from Our Customers

“Tony & Kristina, I want to express my appreciation for the help you both recently gave us as we fought to have insurance cover our daughter’s NICU bills. After all we have been through this year it was such a relief to have this situation put in capable hands such as yours. We are so grateful we have been spared the burden of such enormous medical bills. We would not have been able to do it without you. Thank you so much.”
— Sarah C. — Galien

“Combined Insurance Agencies has proven to be everything you would expect from your insurance representative and so much more. Their team always goes above and beyond. They provide quality service, actually accessing our needs and making sure we are getting the best price without compromising our safety. I depend on them to understand my insurance needs, business and personal, and they take that responsibility seriously. I always recommend CIA to my clients.”
— Rebecca G. — Sawyer

“My agent is Tom Landis. He and Vickie handle all my requests in a quick and timely manner. I would like to thank them and CIA for handling all my insurance needs.”
— Steve V. — Winter Springs

“Had a great experience this winter when my van broke down and had to be towed. Sent my paperwork to be processed for towing expense and thought I would wait a week or two for the check. I was pleasantly surprised that the check was in my mail the next day.”
— Kathy M. — Niles

“When we needed individual health insurance a couple of years ago (because of retirement before Medicare age), we turned to CIA after looking into it ourselves a bit. It’s a bewildering mess out there! Because CIA had handled our home and car insurance for years, and guided us through the complexities of deciding on long-term care insurance, we turned to them again. Tony Ventimiglia was able to quickly guide us to the choices that made sense locally, and saved us hours of looking on our own. When we used the coverage for a knee replacement, we were prepared for what we had to cover because he had pointed out the important details during the decision process. Experience helps.”
— Peg and John M. — St. Joseph

“My husband and I have partnered with CIA for over 10 years and we have every intention of continuing that partnership for many more years. We have both personal and business insurance needs and our agent at the CIA makes sure we are well taken care of in both areas. Bruce is in communication with us on a regular basis making sure there are no unnecessary surprises at renewal time. Our questions are always answered in a timely and informative manner. Having a local, community-oriented agent provides a great deal of peace of mind. We are grateful to be a part of the CIA family.”
— Andi & Charlie S. — Coloma

“After years of trying numerous insurance and brokerage firms in Berrien County, we were able to settle on a firm which can provide the family with insurance coverage including: home, auto, umbrella, medical and dental insurance. CIA’s staff has always been helpful and courteous to respond to any issue we had, and helped us in finding the most suitable insurance coverage. Keep up your dependable service!”
— Frank S. — Stevensville

“I have had Tom Landis as my insurance agent for years. I have had to call him a few times about banging up my car, by my own doing or someone else’s . If I was to receive any money for car repairs, it was always quick, I never had to wait a lengthy time. Every time I have had to deal with Tom he has been excellent! I have NEVER had any problems with CIA, they have always been good to me.”
— Liz C. — Stevensville

“Pretty simple. CIA has been my agent for over 27 years. With the bundling of my personal insurance and business insurance we have saved thousands of $$$$. Put into perspective, their personal service is without flaw. Bruce, my agent, and Michelle are very comfortable to talk to and always very astute to my needs. In 27 years I have never had one claim denied. Thank you CIA,for making my life comfortable and stress free.”
— Jerry H. — Stevensville

“Bob, We have appreciated your prompt response, and the support of your people at CIA, in providing multiple insurance options for more than 20 years. You always gave us the opportunity to find the coverage we wanted. The value of the promptness was reinforced recently when we had a serious claim. Wolverine Mutual helped us regain our value promptly, helping us get past the incident. Thank you for your continued guidance.”
— Perry & Annette B. — Stevensville

“Tom, thanks for all the excellent service you have shown me over the years. You are definitely, more than just an agent!”
— Bill L. — Buchanan

“Tony, you are doing such a great job with the complicated insurance issues. Thanks so much for all you have done and continue to do for us. We really appreciate you.”
— Dr. Sam L. — St. Joseph

“I have worked with CIA on a personal and professional basis for the better part of two decades. Bruce is always willing to answer questions, and a call or email never goes unreturned. I appreciate that if Bruce is unavailable or out of the office, I’m left in the completely reliable hands of Michelle. I never hesitate to refer people to Bruce Owen and the group at the CIA.”
— Shannon M. — St. Joseph

“We are so appreciative of the insurance coverage, and the insurance company’s handling of our recent auto accident. You don’t realize the value of a great agent and the coverage he has recommended until you are in a difficult situation. We are very grateful for the way CIA and Wolverine Mutual have taken care of our family.”
— Andy and Kristen D. — Bridgman

“We have worked with Bob and the CIA for many years. As our insurance needs changed, including young drivers and multiple cars, they have always helped us find the best fit. We can contact the CIA and get first rate advice and service every time.”
— Suellen and Milt R. — St. Joseph